Hachey The MouthPEACE

Beat boxers are a dime a dozen, and no punk ass kid is going to invade these hallowed halls with conspicuous attitude and questionable talent.  Good thing we never have to deal with that kind of shit here in Hamilton because we have one of the very best mouth masters around.  Hachey The MouthPEACE was as conspicuous and as incorrigible as youd expect coming up with too much going on upstairs and not enough downstairs.  Ahead of the curve and unafraid of the pitfalls, the attention seeking lad broke ground with the innovative and intoxicating ability to lay beats and mimic the world of music he heard in his head.  Bringing forth the efforts and desire, the early forays in the world of live performance led to meetings and opportunities that continue to bear fruit for this sharp eyed bastard, a good lad in a shitty world speaking truths amidst the shit.  Blessed with the ability, schooled by life and absolutely fearless, Hachey makes music on the fly, and on this January night we have one of the best meetings of the mind that have taken place ever – from nothing to something fine in a split second. Give it up for one of our special children on this episode of Barber Shop Podcast.