Mo’ Kauffey

Making it in this business means playing the part. If you’re a singer-songwriter, that part is equal parts history and geography. Hailing from Colorado and being an actual child of the 50’s and 60’s meant Mo’ Kauffey was front and centre for all of the seminal moments in American music with a million dollar view. Prone to thought and concept, his connection to music grew with his writing prowess and the rough-neck stylings of a dungaree minstrel were worked like so much slurry as to reveal the gold nuggets within.
Truth in music is an essential ingredient and that recipe proved to be a hit with the good people and bad actors that caught a whiff.
Canada was a million miles away until a fair lady and a desire to explore the unknown brought him to our parts some years back and he settled into the rich tri-city music scene, making friends and good impressions pretty well wherever he went.
On this chilly late January night he brings the band and message to Barber Shop Podcast with a few tales and a few songs for our listening pleasure. Relaxed and insightful, the unique mix of blues, country and folk is a great soundtrack to another sweet episode of Barber Shop Podcast.