Ruby’s Revenge

Brantford Rockers Ruby’s Revenge have the formula of originality, character and moxy to actually make a legitimate stab at a life in music in this cold, hard world. Blessed with both natural and technological gifts, Jenna and Justin share a very real spark and ground while remaining humbly fierce in their intent and delivery. Full on lipstick winks and wry smiles make the groove of their sound both respective and respectful to the genres that gave birth to their sound. The Smiths, Pixies and old school rock provides some of the texture and strength while the shy and tender bits make the whole thing so very accessible. The release of their CD allowed Ruby’s Revenge the opportunity to paint their own portrait with great precision and feel, making for a wonderful record that truly captures the feel and intent of the band with the mix of power, passion and playfulness.
What you see isn’t always what you get – sometimes it is. In the case of the little band that could, named for a wee dog’s mission, the trials and bumps are all part of the journey. And what a journey it is.