Drummer Show #1

The foundation of music is rhythm, and the drums have have been there since the cornerstone was laid at the dawn of mankind. For almost as long, drummers have had to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous stereotypes – the unkempt wild man, substance abuser, undependable, flakey, it’s all there. Goodness knows we have been guilty as anyone here on Barber Shop Podcast for spending too little time fleshing out the individuals who provide the heartbeat to the music, often getting little more than their names before returning to the front man or chanteuse, banishing them to relative obscurity.

Well, enough is enough. Drummers are real people – for the most part -and their contribution is very often paramount in any group, so crucial is their pace, feel, and toughness in the mix. It’s often said that the right drummer can instantly make a bad band good and a good band great, and that’s absolutely true. It’s also true that they are also often some of the most interesting and wonderful people you will meet in music. 

Our first Drummer Show features four guys who didn’t know each other at all before this night. The only thing they knew they had in common was the love of drums and drumming, and a willingness to open up a little and have some fun.

So kick back and give a little love to the time keepers and shuffle kings out there courtesy Nick Burson, George Kaloxilos, Adam Cannon and Billy Spencer – mixed perfectly by the skilled hands of Barber Shop Podcast.

-Editors note: George’s video selection of “As The Levy Breaks” was targeted by YouTube for copyright infringement and has been removed.