Matty Simpson

We get all kinds here at Barber Shop Podcast, all kinds of beautiful, sustaining music and the real deal from our rich pool of real music and real musicians. 

Matty Simpson has seen and done quite a bit in his life as a musician, his natural curiosity and abilities on the guitar evident from very early on. Combined with the fact that his parents’ business was in importing, there were many different types of musical instruments to experiment with, helping to form the quiet, fearless attitude required to be both empathetic and bold in accompaniment. A great lover of the golden era rock and roll, Matty knows all the licks and has a few of his own to raise tired eyebrows everywhere. 

Those eyes eventually belonged to none other than Fred Eaglesmith, the undisputed king of DIY indie musicians. Fred and the Fredheads who follow him everywhere, have had the opportunity to see and hear what a remarkable player and harmonized sideman he has become, as have the millions who saw him on network tv a few years ago on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Of course a fellow with this skill set would also write beautiful songs and arrangements dripping with honest imagery, right? A full time immersion in music leads to the riffs and melodies, scribbled phrases and turn arounds, eventually melding together into a well crafted beauty.  Matty has been, and continues to compose, compile and collect these songs for an upcoming solo record that will surely hit the mark square in the feels.

On this beautiful summer night in early February (it was 16.5 degrees Celsius), we welcomed Matty and Justine Fischer along with Charlie Tirone for a good time with a side of insight. Light and easy with lots of laughter is the way to go, and we go hard at it with this bunch as the band all share stories and tracks from their earlier musical projects. 

Don’t touch that dial, or mouse, or whatever you touch in the future as you hark back to the days when Matty Simpson wasn’t a household name. Well, some houses anyway.

Another great show with great people on a great night at Barber Shop Podcast as we all watch the sunrise on the cusp of greatness.