Sarah Beatty

We all remember the times in life where we experience growth, joy and the beautiful synergy of convergence. For us at Barber Shop Podcast, one that comes to mind occurred on October 9, 2013 when we met Sarah Beatty for the first time and saw and heard why she was so loved and respected amongst the Hamilton musical family. Honest and open, bright and articulate, the demure Beatty carries her fiercely defended sensibilities with silken gloves, delivering smart, catchy songs with a solid guitar hand and a voice at once both sweet and guileless, yet very much on point. 

Did we mention the girl is a scientist too? Seriously. Not only does she have the dedication and chops to hang with the best in this music hotbed, but she has the raw brain power and the work ethic to study and obtain a science degree, she’s still building her dream to change the world for better, no matter what hemisphere of grey matter she is in.

This show is short but sweet, kinda like her. A long overdue reunion and a genuine mutual admiration party all in less than an hour. Spinning a few tunes from her self-titled CD and performing a couple live, Sarah Beatty spends just enough time with us to ensure we won’t be forgetting her any time soon.

Lo and behold – Sarah Beatty on Barber Shop Podcast