Terrance Mouth Harp Morgan and Marcus Starr

The Blues have a hold on so much popular music it’s impossible to not acknowledge its place as the granddaddy of a lot of offspring the world over. At some point, if you are a musician, you WILL play the blues. Based on patterns and sequences much like folk-art needlework, the blues are stories, told by the author, shared for eternity. Like a whispered sentence buzzing in hushed tones through the room, every connotation and interpretation seamlessly embodying a piece of every crier. Field hollers and call/response cadence served this form of uniquely American music, the deltas and juke joints and speakeasies serving as the churches for these believers. For a century the blues have traveled and morphed. Any music town worth its salt will have a vibrant blues scene, and Hamilton is no exception. There are many great deciles of the blues, each with its own unique flavour – accentuating those southern roots in our own way.

Terrance Harp Mouth Brown is a musician who went to school. Not Hard Knox, but Mohawk – which is close enough. His knowledge and chops run deep, but discovering the blues led to an immediate passion and lifetime commitment. Learning and mastering the tricks a Harmonica player needs to become a Bluesman takes time and good company – something weekly downtown jams with blues royalty served to hone to a sharp edge.

Marcus Starr has been here before as guitar slinger for Hamilton rockers Radio Free Universe, a gifted player with a wicked groove. His early days in Hamilton showed him that blues were a mandatory element and the boy went to school. Now they make music. New music, old music, timeless music – the blues.

Hunker down on this snowy February night for a little taste of the blues the way they used to serve it – on Barber Shop Podcast.