Michelle Titian

Michelle Titian (rhymes with magician) is a name that’s been familiar to music lovers for some time now, a musical family and an early start saw to that. Exactly what form her music would take is her junk drawer next to the stove, with the memories and turns-of-phrase mixed in a jumble with the riffs and melody lines. Some of these things are used immediately while others are bundled and stored for that time that’s sure to come when she needs them.

Blending the stylings of the 60’s singer-songwriter era with the 90’s resurgence in acoustic full band sensibilities and a very solid Steeltown vibe (read: fearless, varied) the people and places all added another layer, another texture to the picture – another meaning to the line. Diving in and going hard when able and kicking back to cement friendships and woodshed invariably leads to a new crop of songs for the fire – and like a fire they tend to draw people close and provide a feeling of community.

We got to welcome her and the whole band on a special pre-taped episode from Sunday March 6 to air on Wednesday March 23 – the week our producer Ryan is on his honeymoon drinking and eating and debauching his heart and belly full. 

Bringing her world-class drummer of a hubby Tone Valcic along with bassist Colin Lapsley and guitar god Andrew Aldridge, Michelle Titian is in fine form, soaring thru some live magic and a few cuts from her self-titled CD. We talk about the old days, the new days, some truths and legends of The Hammer, never losing sight of where we are, never losing touch with where we came from.

Another winner – on Barber Shop Podcast