Rocket & the Invaders

Music serves many purposes and has many forms in life, but for those in the fight it’s a history book, a pirate map, and a rubber room to live and re-live life’s best moments. Robin Magder Pierce was around in the exclusive days of vinyl and cassette, during the time Hamilton was souping up their bluesy roots with rock and roll and punk music, staking a claim to the sounds of the day with some truly memorable acts that still resonate today. Teenage Head kicked the door in and when The Shakers ran in after them, a guitar slinger named Gibbons was part of that faction that eventually spawned a few great offspring such as The Trouble Boys and Atomic Tim and the Sinz. These bands in turn drew in the players and the producers that made more than just music. Robin was a young, pretty little thing with talent and desire. The raw ability drawn out over the years, singing and writing with increasing confidence.

Over time, life has a funny way of working out the kinks, holding onto the pawn tickets that are long overdue. Such was the case with Robin, for after what can only be described as an extended down period, she found herself with the ambition and desire to write and perform her own brand of power pop punk again. Lucky for her that old rock stars never die – they just move slower – and she was able to grab some very key players to open this latest, greatest doors in her musical life.

Stopping by on a February night, Rocket Robin and the Invaders (Claude DesRoches – drums, Mike Williams – bass, David Evans – guitar) talk about the good old days and bring a few tapes (yes…TAPES) of the roots that support this new growth. 

So sit back and relax, let the barber do his thing as we roll with Rocket and the Invaders on Barber Shop Podcast.