Brighton Rock/Black’n Red

Rock and roll is both a fantasy and a vicious game, and it’s a long way to the top if you want to do it. Born from the mixture on American culture and music forms, evolving from the gyrations of Elvis to the myriad of styles in the sub-genre.

We love to rock here at Barber Shop Podcast and when we heard about a great late April date at The Molson Canadian Theatre at Hamilton Place, well, we had to jump in with all six feet.

Brighton Rock was a band hailing from these parts who connected all the dots in the 80’s, resplendent in their high hair and spandex attitude – a brilliant hybrid of female-friendly ballads and love songs combined with the driving guitars and drums of the dude army, a mix and match that saw many songs, records, videos and tours – they were indeed young wild and free. 

So it was a strange and wonderful happen chance meeting between drummers Mark Caverzan and Black n’ Red’s Jack Rogers that the convergence of the 30 year anniversary of that song, newly remastered and packaged with new material – aligned with the perceived need for a proper, final farewell show of BnR to provide the makings of a show. Not just any show, but a big rock show.  if you like balls-to-the-wall rock n roll, you will love both these bands. Chances are you’ll

Really like Gerry, Mark, Dave and Jack a lot too.

So on a cool Wednesday night in The Hammer, we sit down with fellas from both bands to talk about music, history, memories and out-and-out lies.  Leave it all onstage, leave them wanting more – leave it all to us, at Barber Shop Podcast