Caroline Wiles

Never heard of her. Now I can’t get her out of my mind. It started raining this night the moment I started writing and the thunder crashed at the end of the first sentence. I tell you this only because we too often take for granted the simple majesties that make an average life spectacular.

Being a bit of a snob, it takes something more than beauty and charm to turn our heads. No, it takes a mastery of the craft and something more…something ethereal and grounded at once.

Musicality is like humour or sexiness, there are many different ways to convey it but you either have it or you don’t. Caroline has the chops, the word-smithery and the painful and playful experiences that fuel the creative soul. Taking a vested interest in music early on, she did not follow any pre determined musical destiny, but instead found her own way through the stages that marked her journey. Taking her guitar and a few books, she ground out the covers and classics, honing and improving her tools on the way to the promised land. Writing and arranging her own material, a voice so rich and sweet, texture and light in the noise. Lo-and-behold, one sunny day she’s making some waves and a one day a high caliber speedy recording schedule with limited resources produced a sweet debut CD produced by Hamilton studio stalwart Bob Doidge that showed something gorgeous can sometimes arise from tight schedules and positive tension.

This fine Wednesday night Caroline Wiles shows exactly how it’s done, bringing both Doidge on bass and his long time friend and string slinger Mike McCurlie on guitar and mandolin to showcase her newest CD “Lover’s Lane” and create a truly memorable and intimate experience.

Never heard of her before.