Lucid Lee & Little Child

We’ve seen Jo Boudreau a couple of times on the show as the front man for the sweeping opus that was The Monarch Project. Comprising six or seven members, the band served the pageantry and splendor of Boudreau’s arrangements well and the interplay spoke to audiences as strongly as the words, each providing a rare glimpse into the creative mind at work. The problem with any mechanism that complex is that one or two wrinkles can lead to the whole thing either crashing or grinding to a halt – and after a couple of productive years and excellent recordings – The Monarch Project ceased to exist.

What did not cease to exist – and prosper – was the mind of Jo Boudreau, alive and more awake than ever.

Upon meeting a sweet little thing by the name of Sarah Ivy Hardy, Jo was inspired to lend an ear and a hand in her professional progression – and in doing so, saw and heard something very special indeed. Their relationship bore fruit, and the scenic sonic layers and flavours she provided on keyboards, flute and glockenspiel (among others) dovetailed beautifully with Boudreau’s songs. Not only did one tiny human manage to wrap the compositions with both luxury and economy, she also provided the creative spark for new songs, new stories, new directions.

There is nothing better than the early, first rays of the new day breaking in the east. Nothing compares to that first bite, first kiss or first hit. For time eternal, the memory of that initial thrill carries the day for us all, and this episode sees Lucid Lee & Little Child is kinda like that. Early days, hope and potential abounding, and a sound born again for all our salvation. Something deep, something sweet is afoot – this week on Barber Shop Podcast.