When it’s metal you want, Steel City has a shitload of it – all kinds of it. This town likes it rough, tough and real, no quarter either taken or given. Within the genre, the brand that sells best around here has its roots in the classics, the masters and the halcyon days when Seattle was only known for coffee and hippies. SINBURN has worked the formula of a cocksure frontman in Squigg, the prerequisite axe ripper played by Brad Foisy, the metal money thunder bass courtesy Dave Green and a hard driving, ass kicking drummer by Billy Spencer to perfection – a very real shout out to all that is proper in the hard rock universe. Working hard on arrangements that swirl and build to frenzies, sweat soaked and wild eyed, anthemic rockers with hooks galore, the nuance of the ballad, the infectious drive of SINBURN have made them many fans, loyal fans who like what they see and love what they hear. Recording some of the best for a record at Junction and BOXO Studios has yielded a great record that hits all the spots square on the head – metal on steel.

Barber Shop Podcast is the place this fine, frothy Wednesday night and SINBURN is the band. Loud – proud and good to go. Really good.