The Bandicoots

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the good, new, original music out there these days, what with all the choices we can find on the web. Like it or not, the Internet is today’s record store, library and fan mag all in one. If you want to get noticed, want to get heard, want to break out to the world, you’ve got to have something really cool and the ability to share it with us.

Skater punks and video gamers in their youth, the sage wisdom of time showed these boys that the natural abilities could easily be transferred to instruments and the collective sound that began to emerge marked this foursome as one of the ones to watch.

Justin Ross had the songs and the gumption and sorted out the missing pieces with Nic Kozel on lead guitar, converted Andrew Parkinson to a drummer and finally got the right bass player in Lorant Polya to create The Bandicoots, a name that means as much or as little as you want it to. Together the mad fusion of rock, jazz, blues and good old Guitar Hero gelled into carefully crafted songs, each a slightly and wonderfully weird take on not the same old same old. Laying vocals that speak to the listener and shout at the senses into a slick production, a new EP due in June, a couple of nifty, creative videos and a live performance in the face of influenza won the respect of the old coots here at The Barber Shop and their story is a good one to share. So here it is.

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