C.A. Smith

Eclectic. Whenever I see that word I’m filled with equal parts of anticipation and dread. To me, it means an art form based on a widely accepted model that has been heavily modified with the uniquely personal in such a way to attract as many converts as it manages to alienate the comfortable. This I believe, is the case with C.A. Smith.

Growing up with a dad who worked at a top 40 radio station, C.A. was surrounded by the trappings and the wrappings of the business. Ever present in his burgeoning musicality was the formula for pop perfection. As healthy as you want to make it, including some fat and sugar in the mix never hurts when it comes to winning over the crowd.

Because he was and is a soulful individual with a genuine concern for his fellow man, the power contained in the simplest of tunes made his style come to the surface with a surprising control and confidence, assured and unhurried.

Beginning his mid career journey with the well respected inde band GORP as a drummer who wrote, C.A. Smith began to see his days were numbered in that role, his songs and their sounds beginning to drift apart in space and time.

Feeling the need to continue as a group but without the supporting cast, he did what only he would be expected to do and set out on his own, a hip- hoppy, folky one-man-band of sorts, emerging as the hero incumbent Mayor McCa, as much a side show as a serious artist to be heeded. It wasn’t long before the critics heard through the hubris the poignant brilliance of a true singer-songwriter, the truth revealed once again thru the sly guise.

Evolution, revolution and fate all conspired to shift gears once again to the present persona of…. Himself. C.A. Smith – international storyteller and music man. Writing for many as a professional, hunkered down in London England and pinching himself all the time, C.A. Smith has arrived and it’s about time.

Call it folk, call it roots, call it whatever you want to, the music of C.A. Smith isn’t for everybody but it sure the hell is for everyone.

Relax for the next hour and enjoy the life and times of this kind, thoughtful and interesting dude – on Barber Shop Podcast.