Michael A.M. is a fave around The Barber Shop, a rare breed who can hang with the old dudes as easily as the young turks and tattooed poseurs you find all around the scene. Born of good Polish stock and Canadian street schooling, the role of the cock-sure introvert drafted by music began to develop.

Playing bass for the highly acclaimed 40 Sons led to many gigs and opportunities to prove his mettle in all genres.

A while back he began fleshing out a series of songs that paint a very artistic cornucopia of a tapestry, the originality and burgeoning songwriter was now fronting. Using some great friends and musicians to craft his debut here at BOXO Studio, the project FÜNYBOHT is an homage to, but not limited to, an inside wink that everyone can get.

He’s brutally and hilariously honest and a hell of a player in a world of insipid music, he’s a worthy ambassador of millennial music for the century.

Going solo tonight, the heart of this sonic voyage is helming a great trip on the FÜNYBOHT express.

We couldn’t be happier.