Ivy James

On this very night the most famous female singer in the world was performing her sleight-of-ear in Toronto and Ivy James couldn’t care less. Oddly at odds with the stupid and banal, this Oakville chanteuse has more rings on her tree of life than seems possible, an artist building her stage brick by brick with no blueprint in sight. In an era of likes and follows where talent show results and raw nepotism are often mistaken for talent, she is the real deal.

For those of you new to this forum, the “real deal” means believable. Honest, committed songwriting with crafted word play, crisp, impassioned playing with a definite groove and a voice both fierce and fragile add up to something wonderfully refreshing indeed. 

An early knack for rhythm and melody served Ivy James well, and the shiny sneer of mid/late 90’s pop punk sparked the real fire in her to perform and soon she was forming the relationships that led to the creative collaborations – that led to the band – that allowed the simmering creativity escape the chains of youth. Never shying from a new challenge, pluck and determination began to mould the bass playing band mate into the engaging chanteuse and centre of attention she has now become.

It’s always nice to have someone new drop by Barber Shop Podcast with a quiver full of arrows and a killer attitude. It’s nice to see someone from out of town who doesn’t want for conviction. It’s nice to know that whatever the year and wherever the place, the truth continues to recruit it’s army of snipers who always shoot to kill.    

Ivy James shows no fear on this night as she shares her songs and stories with the world, the least we can do is show no fear and listen.

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