Julian Paul Band

Blues music is remarkable because it’s humble roots in the call-and-response cotton fields have grown to an omnipresent worldwide phenomenon. From the wood and steel basics to the classic rock, metal, roots and kid pop you hear on AM radio, the patterns and modes are everywhere. We’ve had a bunch of good ones on this show over the years, and no one ever complains about what it does or doesn’t sound like, for every blues player is putting his own stamp on the tradition. Playing and paying homage to the greats while still writing original music is what Julian Pail Band do so very well.

Take some old friends reacquainted with and mix in some Texas boogie ala’ Stevie, smooth blues like Robert Cray and the Banasamanian groove and you’re getting there. The trio of Julian Paul, Kevin Voutour, and Armand Faguy show the chops and discipline that years together produce, yet still have the youthful enthusiasm and unity of long trusted friends that you don’t often see. They play a style that people can relate to, providing material for a whole demographic that already loves what they’re cooking.

As fate would have it, these boys grew up in and around this neighbourhood so the quick trip from Brantford was just like coming home – and having a blast at Barber Shop Podcast