Jacqui Brown

The journey from Northern Saskatchewan to the big smoke has been as interesting and enlightening as Jacqui Brown herself. Born with the spirit to perform and the unwavering support of her family, she was singing early and often with the ability that makes its case immediately when you hear it. Finding her place belting out all the great tunes of rock, metal and blues of the heroes and heroines, her star shone bright enough for her to have her pick of bands with the discipline and professionalism required to truly become schooled in rock science. Years of learning her strengths and the sage lessons required to advance in this game. Touring Western Canada meant putting the countless hours and untold miles to good use, sharpening the point on what had become a very effective weapon in the war against apathy.

There eventually came a time where the calling to create from a deeply personal place grew too strong to ignore and at the same time her senses were telling her to head east – to the musical milieux that is Southern Ontario – and Toronto in particular. Now, there is a lot of great music when you combine the transplants and the home grown down this way and it’s easy to get drowned out in all the noise. One could be forgiven in thinking that stretching your wings as a songwriter and learning an instrument would be too much to bear under the circumstances. Those people don’t know Jacqui Brown. 

This night she arrived full of the positivity and confidence she depends on – but also with the trepidation and insecurities every artist feels when showing their creations to an often indifferent world. Showing faith in us – and herself, she won us over with authenticity and charisma, her 1,000 watt smile lighting up the studio and our hearts all at once.

Kick back and relax as we get to know and get to hear the indomitable Jacqui Brown on your #1 source for new real music – Barber Shop Podcast.