Laura Cole & Harvey Summers

Laura Cole has the world by the tail these days – and rightfully so.

Riding the commercial and critical success if 2014’s “Dirty Cheat”, Cole has parlayed her success into a bona fide career in music. Many awards and accolades, guest appearances and tours later, she is very much in the cat bird seat, a Cheshire cat’s smile spread across the most beautiful of faces. Emerging as predator and not prey in this business means making your own decisions about what you do, when you do them and with who.

This business is a mine field for a pretty thing, and one develops a strong sense on who is predatory and who is legitimate in their reverence. When a total stranger from England by the name of Harvey Summers called her up and asked her to make a music baby – well, you could excuse her and beau/bassist Chris Chaircos for bring somewhat skeptical. Surprisingly enough, the dude checked out as completely legit and so they flew to the great island and hopped right into bed – musically speaking.

7 songs in 7 days made HUMAN – a testament to all that is real and pure. Harvey produced the record featuring some greats like Liam Genockey (steeleye span, peter gabriel, john martyn) and Danny Thompson who played double bass on the record (John Martyn, Peter Gabriel, The Who) and Harvey even played the drums – not just for economics as you’ll hear.

Well, this night Laura Cole Harvey Summers, Chris Chiarcos, Ron Cole

and Joe Gravina on drums come by just before Harvey had to return home to tell you some stories and sing you some songs….and shine like stars.

Sweet little thing we have here, a honey trap that captures the life blood you don’t even realize you need. This one has it all, and you’ve got it forever here at Barber Shop Podcast.