Will Gillespie

It was a bittersweet Wednesday last year when yours truly was nursing a broken heart and flagging hopes when we first featured Will Gillespie on our little show. The north Ontario troubadour delivered a sage and steady presence along with some beautifully reflective sings that hinted at the artist behind them. Gently relentless in his pursuits, both that episode and the year since have seen Gillespie continue to evolve, continue to develop his craft and his fan base at the same time. 

Being an artist comfortable in many genres means you get to play with a lot of different kids and have more tools at your disposal to flesh out an idea. The shapes and colours of his thoughts and memories became the groundwork for “Kings Of Summer” a bona fide snapshot from a bygone time in history, a personal postcard from the past when youth and beauty ran the dirt roads and played all night for awhile. Eschewing the plaintive chord progressions and thought rendering word play, “Kings Of Summer” hits the nail on the head with the drive of bop rock and tight phrasing all around. 

This fine night on the eve of his CD release, Will brings the guns out in the form of David and Craig Nicoloff on guitar and bass respectively and the silky Doug Smith on the skins along for this ride as we reminisce and recount, relax and relive the golden days of The Kings Of Summer – with Will Gillespie on Barber Shop Podcast