Cory Mercer

Like it or not, music is art. Some is fine art, some street, but in the end it is absolutely the product of the fertile mind and busy hands of an artist. Cory Mercer is the kind of guest we dig at the Barber Shop, possessing both the steady eye, deep thoughts and properly good songs. Throw in a solid, soulful voice and a bonafide degree in chops, Mercer stands comfortably in the genre, just hip enough to not be hip but cool, comfortable in his own shoes – if he’s even wearing them. 

This show in particular came about because our scheduled guest had to back out and Cory was totally into it. – and he got the slot. Undeterred that he had no current recorded material, the short-notice impetus had him book studio time and record three beauties just for our viewers and listeners.  Making it happen on a Wednesday night Gary takes control of the show for the first time while Ryan oversees the great hour of music and talk on this edition of Barber Shop Podcast.