Paul Sage

Paul “Sammy” Sage can’t quit music even if he tried. Something deep inside the man knew that music was more powerful than almost anything – and most of the anythings were often the demons that haunt us all. It’s important to step back and remember that this show, although on the surface about music, is really about souls. Your soul, my soul, our souls are both the grist and the mill for every memory and emotion that become forged weapons of enlightenment in song. To carry such a weight of bring, to feel and emote so readily is both a gift that rewards and a burden that overwhelms the beautiful ones. Being vulnerable   and brave in the face of afflictions and addictions means not only facing your fears, but settling in for a long protracted engagement with the darkness.

Music and words provide the personal universal truths and Paul Sage is no liar. Once the realization that music was the bridge that would carry both he and his message to those in need, the process of music became that of an agent of change. Many school auditoriums and church basements bore testament to the tenets of truth, perseverance, integrity and above all love. Intent on making a difference in this world, Pail shouldered the wheel and took the message far and wide, months and years bearing fruit with effect and change. 

It’s said a guitar player never stops playing, he/she just puts it down for awhile. It can be said the burdens grow heavy for the bearer of even the good news. After putting it down for awhile, the desire has returned and the faith in music is once again speaking up if not shouting from the rooftops quite yet. He is our guest on this night because the scheduled artist became ill and this friend of a friend who had every reason to say no – instead said yes. Bringing along his songs from his own lesson books, Paul Sage brought something else in studio with him tonight, a renewed faith in his place in music. 

This one is real as shit, as sweet as pie and a look into the great universal truth. 

Not bad for short notice.