Radio Free Universe

The guys in RFU have been on this show a couple of times before, their story and legitimate claim to groove rock supremacy well established in the years covering that time span. This time, the magical third appearance, has the honor of showcasing the band in a rare stripped down acoustic version for only the second time ever, but also heralds the release of their latest CD Casa del Diablo as a full length, full bore record of monumental riffs and big league vocals riding on a powder keg beat.
When you have the right formula, it’s only a matter of time before the world beats a path to your door and Radio Free Universe has made that secret blend of rock and roll a standard that they are willing to fight for.
This fine summer night we welcomed George, Marcus and Ashton (sans Ryan) to the studio to do what we do best. Never short on insight and opinion, George is as honest and passionate about discourse and discussion as he is about his songs. Marcus is as spot on as ever providing the ideal foil and Ashton makes with the egg shaker when he’s not showing off his guitar skills. Together they show why they are so loved and respected around here. Keeping it real and really tight with a light step of confidence provides a great soundtrack to the life and times of a little ol rock band outa Hamilton Ontario. Sure, T-dot likes em too, and we don’t mind if our neighbors get an earful of the good stuff as long as we can sup it up at home in grand style with friends and family.