The Kat Kings

When it comes to music, the Golden Horseshoe is more than adequate to describe the vast riches that fill the land along Lake Ontario from Oshawa to Niagara. Sure, we here in Hamilton can clearly see that geographically speaking, we are the gem in the middle, it is our big, shiny sister city of Toronto that has always been the rich pretty one. Many Canadian artists move to the Big Smoke, and many homegrown sons and daughters cut their teeth and thrive in that hottest of markets.

The Kat Kings are one of these wonderful groups, a veteran crew of positive energy who play a form of dance friendly roots called jump blues. The infectious riffology and period pageantry hark to an era of early freedoms and lyrical entendre that somehow never really goes out of style.

Kevin McQuade lays down the sound of Memphis ghosts and belts out some great snappy numbers that swell and ride to a big finish like sweaty teenagers going to town at the drive in. The rhythm section of Rob Clark on bass and Adam David on bass keep things incredibly tight and the addition of Wayne Dagenais on keys make the live performances tonight hi-test testimony to something truly awesome.

The Kat Kings are for real, and their new CD Swingin’ in the Swamp is a full-bore party front to back, the brash bravado and the subtle nods all working in sync – an album in the truest of senses.

The boys have the chops, the ease and the stories to warrant the coveted “ghetto pass” to our studio, transcending any and all barriers of time and distance to hang with us at Barber Shop Podcast and the results are here for your entertainment pleasure.

We push fun here at BOXO and business is good….very good indeed.