Famous Framus

Songs are stories told by angels and sung by mortals. Some are light breezy distractions and some are profoundly visceral, the most brutal singular moments fashioned into a necklace of emotions, memories and discoveries. Famous Framus had been one of our favourites going way back and his first appearance fleshed out the blue collar origins and uniquely Canadian flavoured delta blues and Ozarkian tinged songs. Within the person was a humble and genuine man who had a the knack for wordplay and thrust in a deliberate two step.
For all of us, life writes it’s own script, and we don’t get to edit it when things go bad. Bad doesn’t come close to describing losing a child, every parents worst nightmare and what Famous Framus faced when his beloved son was taken suddenly – a chasm deeper than any before and a very real threat to the life and vitality of parents who together feel the weight of such a thing. Healing from that trauma is a long process that is necessary when fighting to honour a life and accept the inevitable acceptance to go forward.
Writing and recording an album about the boy, the man, and the spirit he knows, the therapeutic benefits of getting those ragged emotions somehow to evolve into a universal story to such a personal journey led to the inevitable result – something as real as it gets in the way only a song from the heart can deliver. It’s his pride, his pain, his son who is honoured in this record, and showcases in this very special episode of Barber Shop Podcast. World class music all comes from the same place, the heart and mind of the artist who lays it all out for us.