Halloween is a special time of year, a night that adults can be kids and kids can be anything they want. Add to that a big ol bag of candy and you’ve got the makings of a pretty potent party.

Well, we’ve gone one better this year – bringing you the spookiest and crushingly macabre sights and sounds of Kryptcreeper, a ghoulish punk rock outfit from the Hammer that has risen from the grave in the nick of time to claim your soul.

Music in this town takes on all shapes and sizes but the bricks of this group are solid, each player an MVP in this game, each sharing a love for that hyper-aggressive, pentatonic punk that doesn’t shy away from melody and musicality while still legitimately raging at anything that moves.

Bringing that bullshit filter to bear isn’t a pray-and-spray affair but more a targeted affair, the politics of rage alive and well in 2016 – and we are pretty happy about it.

Another Wednesday, another show, another great band you won’t find on the Uncle Grumpy comedy hour or anywhere else but right here – on Barber Shop Podcast.