Ron Baumber

Sometimes in life, our true loves come and go more than once – the fire smouldering but never truly extinguished. Such was – and is the case with Ron Baumber, a singer-songwriter who was right there, a key player in the heyday of the craft in the Canadian epicentre of Toronto. The burgeoning scene in Yorkville and the other bohemian boroughs were rife with the words and music that defined a generation. Ron Baumber certainly lived that life, and when time and life undercut the stability of that rock he built his life upon, the guitar and the pen were put down – for a while at least.

Years may pass but the need to create never does, so when the desire to pick up where he left off grew too strong to ignore, the creative flow started anew and a new journey was underway.

The various pieces started fitting together bit by bit and the songs began to pile up – good songs full of the lessons and perspective that only life can offer. Teaming up with like minded musicians who shared the desire to perform paid dividends and that passion and commitment has yielded a remarkable testament to the dreams that never die.

Ron Baumber & Friends have captured that feel and feature up to eight musicians whose individual voices combine brilliantly with the spacial awareness that comes with time and experience, the notes swirling and turning without stepping on toes.

On this fine night we feature Ron with but one of these band mates, another chap who had stepped away from the stage for years before teaming up and rediscovering the passion that started this raging affair in the first place. Gerry Mayor sits in, playing the very same saxophone he’s had since high school. The focus is on the songs, the context is in the story, and it’s all right here on this episode of Barber Shop Podcast.