Katey Brooks

What Can I say about the power and reach of music that I haven’t said in 210 weeks? How can I attempt to convey the binding and bonding power music has to bring people of different persuasions and personalities to a common place of peace and understanding? Music is the meat and potatoes, the hot sauce, the powdered sugar in life make no mistake about it, and tonight’s guest is a very good example of that my friends. Her Name is Katey Brooks, and most of you yobs around here don’t have a clue as to she is….Hailing from Bristol, I somehow caught a missive – a message from her on an area Facebook page whilst on a tour of Germany, that she was coming to Southern Ontario for a week and was looking for gigs to fill some dates between her booked dates. Being no fool, I asked if she would be interested in doing a show and she – not knowing any better said sure. I couldn’t get her a gig because everyone noone has heard of had ever heard of her,…..funny thing that. Not that it matters because many, many people in Europe love her and quite a few Canadians have a soft spot for her now – and I’m sure one of them.

Sometimes you just have to trust your gut – she did, I did, we did – and here is the result in high definition and high fidelity – from us to you.