Marc Pettigrew

Everyone has a story to tell and musician’s stories just sound the best dammit…. Marc Pettigrew is someone who beat the odds and defied the numbers in music and life itself. Most of us have a “before” time and an “after” time centered around a life changing event – and Marc’s event just happens to be a double lung transplant. As fate would have it, he is thankful and reflective about life now in a way the “before” Marc could never fathom.

We all have a story, some are just better told than others so I’ll just let this guy tell you his. We don’t spin fairy tales or shill widgets on this show – we tell real stories thru real people and we do it really well… If you keep the faith and keep a candle burning you will never know what you can’t do.

Love, life and loss gets real – on Barber Shop Podcast