Dave Pomfret

Dave Pomfret has been hip to the music scene for a long time – with a few long breaks in between. Forming up with the Munday Nuns in the early 90’s with a few seminal Steeltown players, the ferocity and velocity of the early days left a mark literally and figuratively, the makings of great songs and great shows imparted in a very permanent fashion. When time came to release his first album of personal work, the long-awaited No Rush record was a testament to everything he had remembered, a few of those lingering feelings perfectly summed up within it’s storyline.

Life being what it is gives and takes – the triumphs and tragedies of the ensuing years saw Dave Pomfret make decisions about his life and his work that changed so much about the same guy. The clarity of sobriety allowed him to form and maintain the friendships and musical relationships with some of the very best players and the very best souls in town – and the result is absolutely worth the wait. A Devil’s Urge shows the care and effort (not to mention expense) required to make a collection of songs stand out – telling vivid tales with both serious and sarcastic, deep and delicious for the ear and mind.

On this, the first show of 2017 we sit down with Dave and Brennagh Burns to perform a few choice numbers live and bring us up to date on what has brought Dave Pomfret here, the wherefore and why, the bits of history that can get lost so easily were it not for the poets and troubadours, the drawers and dreamers, the seekers and the preachers – this is what they do – and because of this, it’s why we do what we do – every week, on Barber Shop Podcast