Hanna Bech

How we all got here is always a great story, even if “here” is a different place for each one of us. In all the years, and all the shows, there is a common theme that runs throughout each and every episode – and that is the journey to find one’s own voice. Common themes abound, but eventually the lessons meld, the influences are metabolized and the myna bird school of vocal approximations gives way to something best described as style.

Hanna Bech has got all kinds of style, noteworthy because it is clearly her – she who speaks for many with quiet voices, so many who may have felt less than welcome around some of the more esoteric of tables life presents us in this trip. What she did find was music, band class, like-minded quirky nutty, funny and smart kids who grew into adults who inhabit the halls of influence at all levels. When once it was easy to pick on the nerd, the nerd has become the captains of industry and the trend setters of this millennium so far.

In this, the very last day of January, we get to know Hanna a little, find out about how she found the time, team and temperament to take her calling and make it her reason for living. How the quiet introspect found the courage to write, sing, perform and record a body of work that is at once comforting and challenging. Real, original music, produced locally by good, good people on a daily basis. Not to be confused with the factory-produced big business model of corprate music, but the kind of music that hits you like the scentof a pie cooling on a windowsill – something that still does to you what music is supposed to make you do, think and feel – all on it’s own

Hanna can be proud of what she’s done – true to honesty and integrity, berift of the shallow, self serving ego so many smug pretenders dish out on a daily basis – she’s the cure for what ails a cynical and sarcastic generation.