B.A. Johnstone

B.A. Johnston is a truly Canadian anomaly, heroically Hamilton and a troubadour of hedonistic humor. Inside the head of the the wry realist that The Globe And Mail has labeled “Canada’s New Stompin’ Tom”, the many years of experience travelling the barrooms and campuses of this great land has indeed earned him a uniqely qualified perspective on this great land. Often his songs stem from a turn-of-phrase or jolted memory that he hammers together with his Casio samples or his trusty beater guitar to make deceptively simple, cunningly silly homages to what he thinks, what he sees, what he feels…sorta like an artist except not,
Say what you will about BA. Johnson, he has proven time and time again that everone has a taste in music and if it’s reminiscent of beer and donair sauce, well so be it.
Dropping in on the eve of his St. Patrick’s Day CD Release show at TAH, B.A. sat down with Kev and had a nice relaxing talk about this crazy business and how awesome and awful life can be at the same time.

It’s a very fine day, and this is a very fine show with cuts from Gremlins 3 and the fireside ethos that is B.A. Johnston.