Greg Moverly

Music is art, it’s expression, communication in it’s most accessible form. From the beginning of time, stories and life lessons were shared between the generations with the use of music. Before there were IMAX 3D screens at every big mall, the nuances and subtleties of the story-line was fleshed out vividly with the living soundtrack.
Things are a little different but the gist is the same, every song has a story, and every story has an author. The problem lies in popular music wherein the songs are written by some 40 year old Swedish guy and run through an algorithmic processor before having the banality teleprompted to an pitch-corrected poster child for cosmetic surgery.

Ummmmm… ok, a bit harsh perhaps but it is important to compare the McDonald’s style of music to the jambalaya that is Greg Moverley – a singer-songwriter that on first blush is pretty conventional in the expected and approved unconventionality of the day, but it doesn’t take long to realize there is a genuine patina to this dude, something very real. If he were a visual artist he’d be called a primative, not a bad thing in context, meaning self taught, unique, guileless and “untrained” with a streak of innocence. Choosing none other than Hamilton’s Loo King and premier antlerist Dave Gould to produce his record was a natural fit as the unconventional and the unbowed used imagination and feel as their guide and the results are a beautiful thing indeed.

Greg Moverley is what he is and what he is is here and now on Barber Shop Podcast.