James Favron

James Favron is what us old guys call a millennial. Born in a technological saturated environment, the nuances of the poet songwriter is often buried in the bits and bytes we feast so lazily upon. Fortunately for us, these are a shitload of them out there, and many of these exquisite 20 – something’s possess a steely eye and a finely tuned ear to the power of the beautiful word and the magic of music.

Born and raised in Rexdale where the city greys, the home life afforded him gave the tools and inspiration of many styles of music and the nimble mind and fingers of James Favron began to explore brave new worlds. Stockpiling ideas into lines and lines into songs was – and is – a process that must be worked thru with diligence and purpose, the eager faithfulness of youth surely rewarded in due time. Life, mairrage, children, all followed and a move to the sleepy enclave of Dunville in Southern Ontario has provided the nest for his creative hatchlings to grow.

This night was a good one – the guests were spot on and the music, as you will now hear, is as legit as the summer nights are long. There’s a lot in store and you’ve got a front row seat right here on Barber Shop Podcast.