Mike Williams Band

Mike Williams has been around as long as dirt – and I mean that in the best way possible. As the years pass by and the new boss becomes the old boss, some things have a legitimate place in the foundation of the music scene in Hamilton since the late 70’s. Playin bass for some of the biggest, brightest and brashest of guitar slingers, drummers and front men, Mike witnessed and participated first hand in the story as it unfolded, never more than a few feet from the best of the best, never one to tell tales – until tonight that is. Finding himself waining and wanting of a charge of energy and a new direction, a meeting with Junkhouse alum Russ Wilson led to the compilation of some of the tunes that had been compiled, and with the addition of some true blue friends and compatriots – a self titled album of songs was produced that showcases Mike Williams as a front man after all these years. Soft, sweet and melodic notes lilt throughout as the gritty realism of yesterday’s dirt gave bloom to the side of the man that only time can coax out.

It was – and is – a night I won’t forget for a very personal reason. For over 200 weeks the dog known as Deeogee greeted and approved of every single musician that came through these doors, a sage spirit that so many knew and grew to love. This was his last show, and as the show began I knew that the next day was going to be our very last car ride together, a farewell to a best friend – and for that I dedicate this show to friends that have your back until the end.

Deeogee – 2005 – 2016