Robin Bendict & Brennagh Burns

Two years ago we had these two gems on the show and the response was out of this world. Thanks to a sweet viral video of Robin and friend Sam Klass doing a Blondie tune in a car on the way to the airport – almost 5 million people got to see and hear what we in Hamilton know so well – this girl can SING! Friend and fellow songstress Brennagh Burns has her own style, equally as mesmerizing while totally different. Together something magical happens and knowing this, these two came to us on the eve of their kick off show here in town before heading south – Thelma and Louise style – but with guitars….
You get the best of both worlds here at Barber Shop Podcast, the thrill of live, original music right in your home and a look at two real talents who are doing their thing and living their life – beautifully.