Sean LaSage

Some cats howl at the door to let you know they want in and others take a little more work. Sean Le Sage is definitely one of those cats, having appeared here with Ian Andrews as one of the Smokin’ Scoundrels – and he is well known around town as a musician’s musician. Shy and reserved, his attitude allows him to practice what so many preach, the art of listening. To play, to write, to sing at the level that makes people take notice – first one must learn to listen.
Showing the affinity and ability to both reproduce the sounds he heard at home and the ones he heard in his head, Le Sage found his inevitable way to the blues, the cornerstone of popular music and the holy grail for those seeking truth and beauty in it’s simple yet complex nuances and woven patterns. Running into him at a local show I was able to corner him and set a date to hear his unique take on the music live on acoustic guitar and a few tasty demos from his upcoming album.
Sit down and grab a nice big slice of the good stuff and ENJOY the music of Sean Le Sage on Barber Shop Podcast.