Shari & Jonny

Beloved is the best word to describe the duo of Shari & Jonny, two kindred soul singers who found their common voice thru divine necessity, the alchemy instantly good and forever etched in our collective minds. She, the seasoned stage pro and master of so many classics, and he, a young natural – phenom guitar player who either knew, or anticipated her ever nuance right from the get go. When it came time for him to sing, the recipe for beautiful music was complete, as the boy turned out to have quite the set of golden pipes himself.
What followed was many performances and many hours under the lights, delighting the spoiled patrons of the city with their blue-eyed soul, R&B, roots and classic AOR cuts done with a special interplay that led so many to demand a record of their own – and so they did.

Writing together was a new stretch, but sure enough, the words came to the lips and the fingers formed the chords on which those words rode, one after the other. Not always an easy affair, the songs produced bore witness to their creators easy harmony and all rejoiced.

This early April Wednesday saw the two in genteel spirits and proud anticipation as they made their debut appearance on episode #226, finally being cornered and captured for our enjoyment – the result of course being your enjoyment as well.
Sit right down, grab a beverage and enjoy yourself an hour of Shari & Jonny in the friendly confines of Barber Shop Podcast.