Sophia Radisch

We just love it when a young up-and-comer drops by the show as they ascend, phoenix like, into the upper echelons of the music industry – it gives us hope for the future. Sure, there are many great shows in the bank here at Barber Shop Podcast with many talented and fascinating individuals, but it is nice to be around for that brief period when youthful energy and a whirlwind of buzz is taking a special individual to their desired and deserved orbit.

Destiny is often referred to as when preparation meets hard work, and Sophia Radisch is indeed a child of destiny. Only 18, this remarkable young woman began performing on stage at the tender age of 12 – long after she had begun demonstrating obvious skills in musicality and prose. Possessing a vivid 3D imagination, the burgeoning artist was fostered by a keen and attentive family and soon caught the eyes of those in her hometown of Ottawa. As her repertoire grew, so did the buzz about this girl who could sing and write like someone much older and worldly, but still possessing the guileless innocence and earnest mannerisms of a genuine sweetheart. The phone kept ringing and record production led to film scoring led to musical stage and media exposure in an ever increasing regularity. Picking up a sponsorship from Gibson Guitars made the cynical observer give this young girl her deserved dues and being featured at NAMM recently allowed many of her fans from around the world to meet and interact with the redhead in the top hat they like so much.

Well, we were lucky enough to snag her for an hour in mid April 2017 and what a pure joy this evening was. Playing five live and showing off a sweet video, we get to know her a little better, and you can too. Here is her now – age 18, with a world of opportunity ahead of her. Something tells me Sophia Radisch is going to do just fine, and I for one will be cheering her on.