The Vaudevillian

The Vaudevillian is something more than an anachronism – something bigger than a simple paradox in music – they are a debonair tour-d-force amongst the benign and predictable, they are earnestly and honestly a refreshing hark back to when music belonged to the people.

Jitterbug James and Norah Spades are lovers and partners in crime. He, the brash upstart who loved the songs of the dangerous times when Scott Joplin and Babe Ruth dominated the airwaves – when style and science broke new ground – when innocence was waning and the world was opening up wide. She the smart cookie, the piece of the puzzle that fit oh-so-well and made the music pop. The addition of the final piece of the puzzle was Piedmont Johnson, he of true Southern heritage and real dirt road chops, never a step away from the wellspring that gives birth to the rollicking, rocking joyride that you experience with any Vaudevillian show or record.

The story is real, the journey has just begun and we have a real sweetheart of a show with some amazing live performances and some choice tracks from their new Busted Flat Records release – Bringing Satan Down. It is left to be determined if these three want to bring the dark lord to his knees, or if they intend to merely bring him down for a hell of a party and a wicked jam for the ages – but we’ll let you know when we find out.

The Vaudevillian is a hoot, a howl, and a seriously good time for people of all walks – a trip down memory lane with brand new stories. This is a good one and it’s right here, on Barber Shop Podcast.