Thomas Wade

Country music fans are a loyal bunch with long memories, but many of them, like the rest of us, have let the memory of Thomas Wade slip away from them. This guy was the right age, sounding the right way at the right time when the “New Country” sound was blowing up and he was everywhere thanks to CMT, huge radio rotation and sold out tour dates. Add songwriting for the likes of Celine Dion all while riding a wave of success with his band Thomas Wade and the Waywards, and he could be forgiven for believing the world was fair and good, and his life was unfolding just as it should…….and then life happened.

It took a bit of time, but Thomas Wade started to realize he was losing his voice and in doing so, his livelihood. The very thing that had allowed his thoughts and visions to come alive and actually produce an income to support his wife and new child as well as his band family was slowly being taken away. Fighting against the debilitating effects, he managed to twist and channel his voice into something tonally acceptable, but the end was in sight – and it wasn’t pretty.
The better part of a decade ensued where the man in all his determination changed paths and perused excellence in another field, but singing was the furthest thing from his daily mindset – you see, he couldn’t even TALK for 2 years.

Well, those years are in the (recent) past, and at age 56, the spirit and belief in his eyes are those of a younger man – possessed with music that sweeps across the years and the genres – still in the prime of his passions, still with the songwriting and musicianship he has within him. Now however, there is a grateful maturity and a true sense of purpose as Thomas Wade takes a deep breath and strides to center stage once again to do what he was always meant to do.

Lucky us.