Tim Gibbons

Tim is the one cat in town who knows what he’s talking about the way it is. While others have retreated into history or occasional reunion shows, Tim has been recording and playing live for the good people of the GTA. From his earliest days punking and rocking, the blues were a part of his repertoire and persona. The cool truth that flows from the tru blues masters is something that cannot be approximated by the pretenders. Tim Gibbons has been playing his brand of the blues since the halcion Hess era of the turn of the century when live music was king and his Little Red Blues band with Claude DesRoches and Bucky Buchanan were the kings of kings. This latest and greatest version of Tim, the swamp blues classic to be features those guys as well as a few other rounders of note – and what a note.

Great from front to back – great from start to finish, this night it’s just Tim and Kevin talkin up the town they love and havin a toast to the future – that’s lookin good.