Cory Cruise

Music is art and art is communication. How we reach out to each other has been the story of humanity itself. This show strives to feature storytellers who craft the most spellbinding tales with musical artistry and deft prose, all while being delivered in a voice that must stir others with it’s earnest authenticity. Not all strive for this, and those who do aren’t always able to combine these disciplines in the way that Cory Cruise can so very well. Cory Cruise is one of those rarities, a 7 time Niagara Music Awards winner in categories that span the board, but also a bonafide sweetheart who volunteers in support of Veterans support and transitioning prisoners. While others moan and grumble, this beacon of positivity actually goes out and does things that lift us all. Maintaining a sense of balance and humility in the face of snakes and ladders, the tale of how this guy found his way into music and what he’s done while there is a life lesson that’s worth the time even if it were not for the performances and album cuts that round out this episode.

It’s just a little too hard to label Cory Cruise, and that suits him just fine. Be it country, pop, roots or adult contemporary, he knows what you really are is a music fan – a fan of good music and he’s not about to disappoint. Cory Cruise is the real deal and you’re going to love this most outstanding episode of Barber Shop Podcast.