Brad Battle

It’s no secret that the difference between being known as a great and a great unknown is the combination of hard work, dedication , talent – and luck. Often the souls that create incredible works of music do so in relative obscurity, known to those who inhabit a scene or a city – but not to the public at large who would certainly find something extremely profound in these gems. Week after week, the talent that lurks just below the surface is on display here at Barber Shop Podcast, and this week is no different as we sit down with another Niagara artist, Brad Battle.

Brad Battle brings with him an honest and earnest work ethic to his music – sonic beauties right on the edge of maudlin without a hint of guile that you get with a factory produced song. He writes from the heart, from a very personal perspective that we can somehow all identify with. Taking with him the doubts and fears, the triumphs and tragedies, Brad Battle literally writes and sings his heart out for both his and our salvation. Universal themes of pride and prejudice, lost directions and a keen situational awareness, he uses his deft playing and sublime songwriting to make these mind memes into something far more pertinent for the listener.

This guy could bring the house down fronting a rollicking band or melt heart strings in an intimate and personal setting – as he does so well here, on this episode of Barber Shop Podcast.