Carolyna Lovely

Travellers travel – thats what they do. Be it the actual journey across the world or the metaphysical trip one takes mentally, Carolyna Lovely has both in spades. Long a Hamilton standard for both her writing and playing – she also was more than adept at the nuts-and-bolts part of the game – and she made things happen. When it became clear to her that Steel Town didn’t have her for good, she set out to travel, winding up in Australia working the land as well as her fertile mind. She can be tough but who the hell wants soft in this world? Her knack for picking not only a song but a style to suit the mood is legendary, and the proof is very much in the pudding on this one as she once again becomes the thing she dreamed. A new record and a return to her beloved Canada to tour it’s expansive beauty. It’s a damn good thing we have the time and place to welcome her – Barber Shop Podcast style.