Shawn Brush

Everywhere you look in this business there are stories, it’s part and parcel of what you sign up for in a way and Shawn Brush has a pretty good one for all of us to know. It’s said music will either tell your story if you let it, and combining all the disciplines is hard enough without having additional hurdles along your journey. The fact that Shawn has continually brushed off limitations with wit and humor and a shitload of talent for over twenty years, speaks for the man’s universally respected character. From the early years of learning his craft his keen ear and eye played into his mature songwriting. Soon Shawn was not only churning out one or two records every year, he was and is featured on many seminal Hamilton/GTA recording sessions as his name became well known in certain circles. Because there was such a deep variety of artists and styles, his prowess as a multi instrumentalist for almost any style proceeded him more and more, Sometimes when you push yourself that hard it’s a bit tough on the equipment and Shawn pushes himself very hard to do many things that many of us take for granted. He enjoys tremendous support in the art and music communities and as he embarks on yet another phase in an incredible career, he is getting set to tour again after getting a new conversion van to bring The Krooked Cowboy to your neck of the woods.

This was a very special night for us, splitting the studio up and jamming a few originals with Harry and George while spinning a few oldies and just talking about the life and times of a pretty remarkable guy who has always stood behind his mark.

Shawn Brush, on Barber Shop Podcast.