Steve Murphy/Westminster Park

Bands out of London Ontario have a pedigree of sorts, quite often comprised of a great cross section of the province’s brightest minds and a musically steeped geography that lends itself to smart, quality musicianship. When there is a symbiotic relationship between the members, the underpinnings aren’t often easily conveyed by just one of the members. On this fine Wednesday, a gent by the name of Steve Murphy made the trek to Hamilton to represent the group as a solo act, stripping down the lush arrangements and laying bare his soul for our voyeuristic pleasure. The members of WESTMINSTER PARK might not have made the trip with Steve, but the message sure got thru loud and clear. Possessing a melancholy wistful nature, Steve Murphy writes the kind of songs that lament and linger, often touching on the nerve that is still swollen or pinched, turning the key in a lock of our own making. The record he brought along is entitled Fig. 4: Molt, Rebirth and serves to carefully examine the cause and effect of our humanity with deeply personal tomes that share a common element with the listener. Steve’s wife Colleen along with Melissa Parrott and Steve Presant created a brilliant work that is at once playful and cautionary while remaining musical and true. The fact that Steve has the pluck to carry the load solo allowed something very special to happen as the intimacy of the moment was exploited to full advantage with the deft finger picking and powerfully subdued vocals in his performances.

As far as shows go – this is a bittersweet showcase of just how far Barber Shop Podcast has come in the past 5 years. The High Fidelity audio and High Definition video look as professional as our guest sounds, bringing original, independent music to the four corners of the world each and every week.