Tomi Swick

Being brutally honest in a soulfully poignant way has become the hallmark of Hamilton’s Tomi Swick since he broke nationally by winning a Juno all those years ago. A whole lifetime – or two – have provided a wealth of material in those years, an old soul catching up with himself. Writers seldom give themselves credit, and singers – well singers you see have a contentious relationship with their own abilities, always hearing a little more of the mistakes and a little less of the greatness than others might, a constant battle to flesh out the bones of a song with absolute legitimacy. Tomi Swick suffered a catastrophic injury to his voices – an ending far too soon into a promising career that had already seen more ups and downs than many full careers witness and could provide ample resource material for years of songwriting to come. If Tomi Swick was going to make it back was only in question for a short time, but how remained a mystery until all the pieces were gradually put in place along with the accrued wisdom and steely determination that only redemption can provide.

It is a true blessing to have an hour with Tomi Swick here at BOXO Studio, this being a very significant night for a number of reasons. Not only was this the first time we got Tomi one-on-one (the first appearance was with Andy Griffiths) but this is the very first show that our esteemed audio guy Gary Greenland covered for Ryan and ran the entire show by himself – and did a great job as you will see and hear. Tomi Swick plays 4 new – never before recorded songs live in-studio and we get a few cuts from the gorgeous The Yukon Hotel, his latest and greatest CD from Sleight Music along with stories and memories of his life in – and out – of music.

All the best – from Barber Shop Podcast.