Chris Mercer

You learn to trust the little bird who tells you about a new talent – especially if it’s a big little bird. Rarely, if ever, does one of the many street musicians who dot this land get the chance to show up here, but not one, but two trusted cohorts in the business made mention of this kid Chris Mercer, a unicorn in a big menagerie of the same ol’ same old. When a late cancellation happened, I asked him if he wanted the spot and he g jumped at the chance and jumped on a bus from his current place in Niagara Falls. His story is a good one, his songs are both sweet and introspective as well as dangerous in a sly fashion. Keeping a positive, grateful attitude, his often bumpy path has provided the perspective his fertile mind can weave into gold given the chance – and a chance is all you really need if you’re good enough. Broke, woke and bespoke – that in a nutshell in Chris Mercer and you get to see and hear for yourself right here on Barber Shop Podcast.